Rumor has it that love has a new look for 2017. Many traditional elements of the celebration remain the same: throwing the bouquet, the best man and the maid of honor offering toasts, the bride and groom feeding each other cake, etc. Yet the overall look is veering in new directions. Not surprisingly, much of the “new” look in upcoming weddings and event design will be focused around the flowers.

The much loved Rustic-Artisinal Look is sticking around, but with an evolutionary twist. If you specifically want the trusted jars as vases look, it’s available, but don’t think that’s the end of the story. We’d love to walk you through some amazing options you might not have seen before that can give you the Rustic-Artisinal Look you crave at your upcoming wedding or event.

The Mash-Up is not only popular amongst music lovers, but lovers looking to say, “I do.” Brides (and grooms) and event planners of every type are turning to the mash up to say exactly what they want to say with their event décor and floral design. The mismatched look is everywhere: bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s attire, tablescapes, and flower arrangements. With the mash-up floral design it’s all about the artful mixing and matching of flowers at varying heights to avoid the “matchy-matchy” that can so easily take over an event.

The Just-Picked Flower Look is popular; with eco-conscious couples being particularly avid fans. This “freshly foraged” look for wedding décor typically features locally grown, seasonal flowers in floral designs and centerpieces that have an organic, “just picked” from the garden, meadow or woodland look perfect for nature loving couples. Lush and natural bouquets often incorporate old fashioned materials, timeless favorites, and heirloom varieties for a nostalgic look that offers the chance for an earthy vibe through layers incorporating: fragrant herbs, fragile ferns, small mosses, waxy succulents, colorful foliage, delicate berries, vines, tiny florets, buds, blooms, etc. A unique combination of “mini” elements results in a very “big” look.

If you are interested in seeing more of one of the above styles for your own event’s floral centerpieces or floral design, please get in touch with one of the floral designers at PJ’s Flowers & Events. We can help you create the exact look you’ve imagined for your upcoming wedding or reception! Photo Courtesy of Julius Photography.