If you’ve been to a wedding lately you’ve probably spent some time posing with friends/other guests in a photo booth. It’s one of the most popular wedding trends in recent years and it’s a lot of fun! Yet there are more and more brides and grooms-to-be who are searching for something special to add to their big day to make it stand out amongst the many trendy events they’ve already attended. What’s the solution? For many, it’s one of these up and coming flower-centric trends.

  1. That Old Photo Booth: Make current trends more dramatic and memorable with the use of flowers. For instance, take the tried and true photo booth and turn it into a secret garden with a fresh flower/foliage backdrop or floral photo booth props or a set of dramatic floral arrangements for larger, group shots. It’s impressive, makes the event stand apart from the rest and provides the added benefit of gorgeous shots for guests to enjoy.
  2. Take Home Petals: Instead of sending guests home from your wedding with a trinket that means more to the bride and groom than it does to anyone else, give them something thoughtful. And what’s more thoughtful than something everyone enjoys receiving? Flowers are a lovely and thoughtful takeaway. You’ll be surprised just how much your guests will appreciate the gesture.
  3. Ditching the Candy Bar: Candy bars, ice cream sundae bars, and traditional buffets are delicious, but when the night is over – so is the food. Some couples are leaning towards Customizable Terrarium Bars where guests can build their own succulent terrariums to take home. This trend is popular amongst the younger set; many of which are opting for less guests and a more exciting experience for those who attend. This type of event feature makes guests feel welcome and cared for while simultaneously ensuring that they have an incredible night! Not surprisingly, this trend towards focusing more on the “experience” of those in attendance is also being seen in corporate events.

These are just a few of the many new trends in nuptials and events – many of which are centered on flowers. If you are in the midst of making your own wedding plans and you aren’t quite sure which direction you want to take with your floral design, we can help.

Get in touch with one of the floral designers at Phoenix’s own PJ’s Flowers & Events. We can help you turn your wedding into a gorgeous spectacle, an epic adventure, or a personalized experience for loved ones in attendance. It’s your day. Making it meaningful means doing it your way and we can help you figure out exactly what that means.