If you were to ask a couple months ago (or maybe even last week) what the Presidential Election had to do with color design and floral trends for 2017, the answer would have been, “Nothing.” Yet according to Michael Skaff, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, there is a definite, and interesting, connection between the two.

According to Skaff, the annual Flower Trends Forecast for 2017 will include data indicating that “muted” colors will be all the rage in floral arrangements, wedding centerpieces, in home floral design, etc. throughout the coming year. Flower lovers everywhere will feel the desire to add gray to their bright bouquets and it’s all due to the fact that we’re headed into an election year with a lot of unrest in the world. As a result, people will feel the need to add in a gray component to their floral arrangement and color design for events.

What effect will this have on the overall look and feel of floral arrangements in 2017? Rather than the “dreary” look you may be imagining, experts conclude that the 2017 floral trend will veer more towards sophisticated and complex. It’s a drastic change from 2016 floral trends and presents an array of opportunities that floral designers everywhere are actually excited about. To discuss the option of adding gray to your own floral arrangement or upcoming event, talk to a floral design artist at PJ’s Flowers and Events.

Other trends that are rumored to be included in the upcoming Floral Trends of 2017 Report include:

  • Nature’s call creates the desire to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside our homes. This need to bring flowers and plants inside will stick around and stay strong in 2017. Incorporating fresh floral arrangements and plants into your home means brining natural materials into your world. It’s an excellent way to create a relaxing atmosphere to come home to after a busy, fast paced day full of technology.
  • Jungle-inspired floral design could be on the horizon according to projected 2017 floral trends. The look will emphasize sophisticated tropical flowers and foliage.
  • French-inspired hues and motifs will gather speed in 2017. The country has long served as an inspiration for millions in both fashion and design, but popularity will grow as citizens of the world hurry to show their support for France. Expect to see a lot more Cinnabar, red, golds and blues taking over the show in floral arrangements next year.
  • Aqua blue has been trending for years, but it’s going to show up even more with a slight variation coinciding with earlier observations. That’s right, 2017 floral trends will see a slightly more gray version of the aqua blue we all know and love.
  • More love will be shown for the combination of the modern with the ancient as we enter 2017 – particularly amongst urban consumers.Watch for gorgeous floral creations mixing modern, simple, elegant floral design created within or accented with ancient artifacts (or pieces that “look” ancient). You might call this type of look simple antiquity.

If you’d like more information on current or emerging trends in the floral industry, please get in touch with PJ’s Flowers & Events, your choice for flowers in Phoenix, where we’re dedicated to creating unique, gorgeous floral arrangements using fresh, local blooms.