Flower Shops Or Grocery Stores – Where Should You Buy Flowers?

A husband who spontaneously decides to purchase a rose for his wife might decide to make his purchase at the grocery store. After all, it is just a rose. Could there really be any difference between a flower at the grocery store vs a flower shop? There certainly is. And while there’s nothing wrong with picking up the occasional flower at the supermarket, you should leave your serious flower purchases to the professionals.

Perhaps you relate with the husband in the above scenario. If you’re new to the world of floral purchases, then the selection available at the grocery store may seem perfectly acceptable. In many cases, it will actually be cheaper than using a professional florist. But with that lowered price comes a lowered quality as well. Consider some of the main differences between the flower shop and the grocery store.

1. Flowers That Survive

If you were to purchase a single rose from the grocery store and another from the flower shop, which do you think would survive longer? Even if you cared for both of them exactly the same, the flower from the florists is almost guaranteed to live a longer life. Why exactly is that?

The lifespan of the flower isn’t determined solely by how you care for it after purchase. How it was treated before you purchased is equally as important. Flowers that are sold in a flower shop are cared for by professionals who are trained and have years of experience.

This means that flowers at the flower shop are kept at the appropriate temperature for their type. They are given the right amount of plant food, water, and nutrients. They are kept in the right type of soil and are treated in a way that will maximize their lifespan. Furthermore, since each type of flower is different, they each receive individual and unique care that requires training and experience to understand.

In comparison, flowers in a grocery store are all treated the same and are kept in the exact same environment. The people who care for them are rarely trained specifically for that job. It may only be a cashier or bagger who handles plant care as well. They aren’t given water, nutrients, or food that is specific to their type.

Finally, flowers in a grocery store are often kept in or near the produce aisle. The nearby fruits and vegetable section produces a significant amount of ethylene. The ethylene byproduct is actually harmful to the flowers and causes them to wilt at a much faster rate.

A flower from the grocery store is near death before you even purchase it. A flower from the florist has been properly cared for and will still have a long life to live if cared for after the purchase.

2. A Diverse Flower Selection

The average floral section in a grocery store is very small. They tend to have a very limited selection of flowers and very few in numbers. You may be able to purchase a rose or even a few bouquets, but that is about as diverse as it gets. You can forget filling large orders for weddings or funerals.

A flower shop is an entire store dedicated to flowers. They tend to have a very large selection of flowers and they can order additional flowers if they don’t have what you need in stock. Their large number of flowers also makes it possible for them to create many large and unique bouquets. If you are planning a wedding or a funeral, then you will definitely want to do business with a florist and not a local grocery store.

3. A Knowledgeable Staff

One final comparison between the two involves the staff and the quality of service received. As mentioned previously, workers at a grocery store are rarely trained in floral matters. Meanwhile, florists have very specific training and experience. They may have even attended college and received a related degree. They are very knowledgeable regarding flowers of all types, including how to care for them, how to plant them, and how to create aesthetically pleasing bouquets.

Often times, you may not even be able to find an employee who works at the floral section in a grocery store. You will need to browse the selection yourself and make purchases without any assistance. This can be particularly difficult if your understanding of flowers and floral arrangements is limited. At a flower shop; however, there is always a professional florist available who can help with any of your needs.

The Best Possible Flowers

At the end of the day, buying flowers from a grocery store may be the cheaper options, but it comes with a significant loss of quality and customer service. If you want the best possible flowers and the best possible arrangements, then you need to work specifically with a flower shop that employs a professional florist.