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Event planning is more than calling a caterer and booking a place, events are one of our specialties. Centerpieces, and personal touches show your guests that you thought of everything. We work with you to create a style and feeling that will transport you and your guests out of the ordinary. From intimate dinner parties to an all-out extravaganza, we have it all covered. Florals to transport your event and create memorable experiences. We work with event planners, fundraisers, private individuals and everyone in between on any size party. Our arrangements and centerpieces are professionally and artfully created specifically for you!

Starting with our classic and traditional designs, or lush clean arrangements, or jump into a funky and ecclectic collection all will set your event apart. Don’t be afraid to dream of enchantment or exuberance when working with our designers. Your initial consultation begins with an exploration of what you wish to create so that we can pour it all out through flowers. From 2 to two thousand PJ’s Flowers can create the magic you are looking for.

A beautiful bride slowly walks down the aisle to soft music. Couples gaze at each other across the table as they enjoy a Valentine’s Day banquet. Foreign dignitaries come together to eat, mingle, and discuss the future of their countries.

What does each of these events have in common? The right flower selection will serve to heighten the mood and enhance the beautiful surroundings. PJ’s is experienced in working with event planners to bring just the right flowers for the occasion.

PJ’s Works with You

When planning an event, it is important to get the details just right. Floral arrangements have many nuances, and flowers carry as much meaning as they do beauty. PJ’s will help you pick out the perfect flowers for commemorating your event and will arrange them in the best way to display your choices. Centerpieces, bouquets, garlands, and more can be used to create a stunning look for your next important event.

Budgeting for Flowers

Often, a client has a specific idea of what they want for their event. Other times they may need professional assistance in deciding on colors, designs and variety. PJ’s will work with you to learn more about your needs, wants and budget to help match you with the perfect selection that fits just right for you and your next event.

Popular flowers may include:

• Roses
• Tulips
• Calla Lilies
• Hydrangeas
• Gardenias

More for our Hostess…

Dinner parties, fundraiser gala’s, conferences, concerts, or conventions, with over 30 years experience, PJ’s Flowers offers the personal touches to elevate your event. With the knowledge and experience of years of baby showers and Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, we bring elegance and class to your next get together. We are easy to communicate with. Local event planners as well as event and production companies from across the country rely on PJs Creative team to help bring their decor visions into reality.

If your client’s flower choice exceeds their budget, PJ’s will help make suggestions to compliment or act as a similar alternative to the original selection. There are many seasonal flowers perfect for a bright burst of color and we’re full of bright ideas and bouquets to impress even the most discerning of tastes.

Flowers Set the Mood

Whether you need a lighthearted ambiance, or are selecting flowers for a more somber occasion, it is important to consult an expert on your floral decisions. Floral arrangements may seem like an easy, subjective task, but it takes a keen eye to make the perfect bouquet. When you are looking for the perfect flowers for your special occasion, allow the experts at PJ’s to help you find the right arrangements for your needs.

A Unique Opportunity to Impress and Style

Have a scenic fountain? Need to decorate a ledge? Flowers can go anywhere to provide a pop of color. Get creative with your options, and you will soon see how useful flowers are for flexible decorating! Floral arrangements can be big or small and come in a variety of shapes. PJ’s will help you explore the possibilities for your chosen venue.

Check One Thing Off the List

Events, whether joyous, formal, somber, or inspiring, all have ideal flower selections. Even at a funeral, flowers may cause beautiful memories. For example, someone grieving the loss of a grandmother may notice all the beautiful star lilies present in memorial bouquets and be forever reminded of nostalgic memories every time she sees one.

Planning an event can be stressful. Why not check a big item off your list by trusting your floral decisions to PJ’s? You will be consulted along the way, of course, and get to view the final product before the big day. Working with an experienced florist has its perk, and our staff cannot wait to help make your event perfect!

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