4 Tips For Choosing The Best Online Flower Shops

Are you planning a big event in the future? Maybe a wedding is just around the corner. If you are in need of floral arrangements, then you’ll want to find the best possible flower shop. We do most of our shopping online in this day and age. That applies to shopping for flowers as well. Here are a few pointers you can use to find the best flower shop online.

1. Look For Features That Matter

The features that are considered the most important are going to be different from one person to the next. Take a moment to consider what features you find important and then head to the flower shop’s website to see if they are a match. Here are a few examples of features that customers often prefer.

Flexibility with cancellations. Sometimes events are canceled or moved to a later date. You may no longer need your floral arrangements on the scheduled date, which means that you’ll want to cancel the order. It’s a good idea to look for an online delivery service that is flexible in regards to cancellations. You may still need to pay a small cancellation fee if it is close to the delivery date.

A limited number of fees. This may not technically be a feature, but it’s a very important quality to look for. It’s not uncommon for online stores to add a number of hidden fees to orders. You often won’t see these additional fees until you are checking out. You can test for hidden fees by making a mock order online. Ideally, any added processing or delivery fees will be minimal.

A variety of delivery options. Will you be needing your arrangements the day after placing your order? Or perhaps you won’t need them for several months, but you want to place your order in advance. It’s always a good sign when an online flower shop offers a variety of delivery choices.

2. Help From A Professional Florist

This applies to making a purchase from a brick and mortar floral shop as much as it does an online delivery service. There are plenty of websites out there that sell flower arrangements but have no option for communicating with a florist. One of the main reasons that people buy flowers from dedicated flower shops is because the florist is there to help answer their questions and to help them make the best possible arrangements.

The best flower shop delivery sites will have some option for communicating with a florist. It may require calling in via telephone or there may be a chat option on the website. This is extremely important if you are placing a big order for an upcoming event. The florist can help ensure that your arrangements are properly designed.

3. A Chance To Be Involved

This is another reason why it’s important that you can communicate with the florist building the arrangements. Many websites only sell pre-made arrangements. Those are great for certain occasions, but if you’re planning a big event, a wedding, or a funeral, then you’ll likely want to be involved with the creation of the arrangements. There are certain flowers and colors that you will want to be present.

The best flower shops will encourage your involvement with the design process. This may happen by communicating directly with the florist or you may be able to streamline the process with an online customization tool. It will depend entirely on how the website is built. Either scenario is acceptable as long as you are given the opportunity to customize the arrangements.

However, there is a distinct advantage to communicating your needs directly with a florist. This will give them an opportunity to understand what your needs are on a more personal level, which can result in the perfect floral arrangement.

4. Find Those Reviews

Reviews are a great tool for weeding out the competition and finding the best possible shops online. There are many different places you can turn to for reviews. They include the flower shop’s website, their social media page, their Google Business page, and any forums or review websites with sections dedicated to flower shops. In many cases, you can simply Google the name of the flower shop with the word “reviews” added at the end.

It’s also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau(BBB) website. They will list any complaints that have been filed against the company in the past year. It’s always a good sign when a business is free from complaints with the BBB.

Take A Chance

You can always experiment with an online flower shop by placing a small order well ahead of your event. This will allow you an opportunity to gauge the quality of their flowers, the appearance of their arrangements, and their customer service. If you’re happy with everything, then you know that you’ve found the best flower shop for the job.